Customized pressure gauge

You might have specific wishes regarding your meter. Would you like to have your instrument personalized, for example? We can provide your pressure gauge with an imprint or logo in various colours. Our professional team is ready to answer any questions about your instrument. Due to our years of experience, we have the knowledge to provide you with an accurate advice on the right instrument for every environment.

Digital manometers for industrial applications

Digital manometers are especially suitable for industrial applications. Depending on the desired accuracy, you can choose from a number of types, such as the ETD-10, class 1.0 or ETD-02, class 0.25. The lower the class number, the higher the accuracy. Click here for your options.

Our digital manometers meet the strictest quality requirements in accordance with EN837-1. However, we do recommend that you regularly have your control components checked. This is also a service that EMVO Techniek can provide. In our professional workshop, we dispose of certified reference equipment for calibrating, overhauling and repairing pressure gauges. In short: with the help of our specialists, you can rely on your instruments in the toughest conditions!

Order your pressure gauge directly at EMVO Techniek

You can order your pressure gauge directly at EMVO Techniek. Do you prefer to receive customized advice beforehand, to make sure you receive the right instrument for your application? Please, contact us and let us advise you without any further obligations. Our specialists enjoy solving complex issues and make sure that you purchase the right instrument!

Does your pressure gauge need repair, calibration, or overhaul? Contact EMVO Techniek and we will advise you. Calibration is done within 24 hours!
All our explosion-proof pressure gauges comply with ATEX and IECEx regulations.
Personalize your pressure gauge with your own logo or overprint or get one in the color of your choice.


Analogue and digital pressure gauges come in a lot of different varieties. Therefore, EMVO Techniek has a complete variety of pressure gauges available, coming from manufacturers all over Europe. We guarantee quick delivery of any manometer.


The application possibilities of liquid, air and gas pressure gauges are unlimited. That is why our services are highly customer orientated. Over the years, our expert team has obtained a high level of knowledge on pressure gauge application in any field, so we can fulfill your specific needs and wishes.


Our customers return to EMVO Techniek because of our basic principles. We specialize in all kinds of gauges; analogue as well as digital. Over two thousand different types of pressure gauges in stock. ALWAYS. First class quality and service!

EMVO Techniek

We can handle the pressure!

EMVO Techniek is the home of high quality pressure gauges. On our website you will find any manometer you need. Do you have specific needs, and can you not find it immediately in our catalogue? Please contact us. We can customize your pressure gauge to any need and circumstance. At EMVO Techniek we have the right manometer for your application.

Because of our excellent relationships with leading pressure gauge manufacturers throughout Europe, in addition to our extensive international network, we can offer the widest range of pressure gauges possible, and prices are highly competitive. We can handle the pressure!

What is a pressure gauge?

In short: A pressure gauge or manometer measures pressure in a medium. Manometers are used in countless situations. For example, in central heating systems, but also in production lines in all kinds of industry, swimming pool installations, or in diving equipment. Digital pressure gauges often have extra options as opposed to analogue pressure gauges but depend on electricity. They are very commonly used in industrial environments. At EMVO Techniek, you can find a pressure gauge for every circumstance. With over 40 years of experience, we can say that we have knowledge of a wide variety of sectors. This enables us to give our customers the expert advice they need when it comes to choosing the right instrument.

Optimal functionality of a pressure gauge

Accurate measurement is key in any sector. You must be able to rely on your pressure gauge at all times, in any circumstance. EMVO Technieks’ pressure gauges meet the highest quality and accuracy standards.

Quality and service

EMVO Techniek stands for high quality, extensive knowledge, and service orientation. Ask us anything; our team of experts are happy to advise you and provide you with the right pressure gauge. We maintain a large stock wo we can guarantee a quick delivery. If you have any questions about our products or regarding our services, please contact us at +31(0)413-473037 or send an email to